About Us

ComptonMania is Back!!! You said you wanted moor Boom and the Ban! We present the SlausonSlam! For more information about the event, click the link below.

Sunday, August 29, 2021
5:00PM – 8:30PM PDT
1359 W 107th St, Los Angeles, CA 90044, USA

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Company Overview

The concept of Comptonmania was created by De’Shawn “Sho Tyme” Watkins who grew up a huge wrestling fan in Compton CA. He was seeking to create relatable story lines for people like himself who grew up in urban communities. Watkins collaborated with childhood friends Cameron Gregory, Stevie Ward, Sean Black, and Anthony Desire to create Comptonmania the LLC. Comptonmania’s first show was October 26, 2019 in the beautiful, progressive law-abiding city of Compton. There were 50 people in attendance, this was accomplished with little promotion. Those in attendance came from as far as San Diego and New York and many areas in between. The following two shows had 80 and 150 attendees, respectively. The last show was March 7, 2020 a week and 2 days before the pandemic, it was the biggest show to date.

Executive Summary

Comptonmania is an LLC. Company that is recognized as a commendable organization in integrated media by leaders in global entertainment. Comptonmania delivers original content in the areas of music, short films, live wrestling, poetry, comedy and much more. We are committed to providing family-friendly entertainment throughout urban communities. Comptonmania values the communities they serve by ensuring each neighborhood is positively impacted. We do this by guaranteeing vendors within each community have an opportunity to participate in each event. This helps to bring in revenue for the community and Comptonmania.

Mission Summary

Comptonmania focuses on bringing compelling and engaging storylines via professional wrestling and various forms of entertainment catered towards the urban community.

Markets and Services

Comptonmania provides a plethora of services to the urban communities which include professional wrestling evens, vendor opportunities, merchandizing, advertising opportunities and many others. Comptonmania charges each vendor a flat fee per event. We service to the urban community in hopes of providing opportunities to bring in revenue. Comptonmania is committed to helping in developing and cultivating the youth. They are connected to a nonprofit organization, Children Striving Together which supports at-risk youth.
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